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When you think about business colors, you automatically think about black, white, and other neutral colors. This is because these colors look serious. And in business, everybody wants to be taken seriously. You can observe this in business suits, office colors, and business cards. For business cards, what you normally see are black and white business cards. This is the standard color scheme used. Sure, they look very business-like but they are just like the rest. They will not stand out or get noticed, which is what you want for your business in the first place. Standard colors are probably okay for businesses that are already known, but not for businesses that are just starting to establish their names.

If you just started a business, it is better to use full color business cards. There are several reasons why you should use colored business cards rather than plain black and white. Here are the reasons why.

• Like what was mentioned earlier, business cards that use different colors other than black and white will stand out. When you open your wallet, you will immediately notice a colored business card in the sea of black and white cards. That is why using a colored business card is a great way to make other people notice or know about your business.

• Another reason why you should choose a colored business card is because it shows how much effort you have put into creating your business cards. This just shows how dedicated you are as a businessman. People or potential customers will like it when the person they are dealing with shows dedication because it means that he is someone who will also be dedicated in his dealings and undertakings.

• This will also show your creativity. Business should not just be about serious matters. It should also include creativity and imagination, especially on the marketing side. A business person who shows creativity even in small things like creating full color business cards is someone who will also be creative in business strategies and problem solving.

• Using colors when printing free business cards allows you to present your logos or brands correctly. It is important to print out your logos or brands in their original colors, not just black and white. This will let other people recognize your company easily. Unless you are a well-known company, you should introduce your logos and brands in their original colors.

• Using colored business cards also allows other people to remember your company easily. Imagine if a person saw your company’s logo. He will instantly remember the colored business card inside his wallet. He will say “That is the company with the cool business card” or something like that. And as you know, retention is important in marketing. That is why you should try your best to make other people remember your company by using unique marketing strategies.

These are some reasons why you should use colored free business cards. If you have a new business, you should also think about using this strategy so that other people will know and remember your company.


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